Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wedding Gifts & Such

I would first like to say thank you (once again) to Preppy Pink Crocodile! I was one of the winners of her fabulous giveaway! I will be sure to post a picture of my lovely ice cream cozy when it arrives in the mail! Since I didn't post pictures of the lovely wedding gift I received this week I decided to do so tonight! I'm also going to show all of you the first two gifts we have received as well!
Here is the Tiffany and Co. weave creamer & Sugar Bowl

The rectangular platter that matches

Here is our second gift! The adorable Paula Deen dishes! I love the polka-dots & the mix of yellow and green!
Here is out VERY first wedding gift! I screamed when I saw that it had been "fulfilled" on our registry. I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid and now I have a pink one, that matches my pink & green kitchen!

To discuss something other then wedding gifts...:) Today, I ran to target and picked up some pretty green tissue paper for the bridesmaids gift bags and some baby blue toile wrapping paper for one of their gifts that I want to wrap (to add a little bit of color)! I also did a few loads of laundry since my fiance and I are heading to Chicago this weekend for more wedding planning (our wedding is being held in the suburbs of Chicago though we live in Ohio, because that is where I'm originally from). We will be meeting with our photographer and D.J. Saturday morning and will also have our cake tasting that afternoon! Another reason we are heading out of town for the weekend is for my future sister-in-law's baby shower! I'm so excited to attend since I have never been to one before! I have had her gift ready to go since we found out she and her husband are expecting a boy! I purchased for her an adorable baby blue polka-dot cloth basket and inside it I aranged:
Two pairs of little white baby socks, a Burt's Bees gift basket (their products or wonderful), some blue and green washcloths, a dinosaur puppet washcloth, matching dinosaur booties and a rubber ducky that tells you if the water is too hot! I hope she likes it because I think it is all adorable! Since this will be a very busy weekend and will most likely not be blogging. I will fill all of you in on it all very soon!

Pink Peonies & Pearls

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