Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh how I love Tiffany & Co.

Hello again! I have to admit, I have not posted in a number of days because I became a bit discouraged. After taking a peek today, I have two followers! So thank you Preppy Pink Crocodile for reading my blog. It has been an exciting week thus far! My fiance and I received our third wedding gift! I was beyond excited when I received a package with the blue box inside! You all know what the means, Tiffany's... I'm in love with the white weave pattern they have there. We registered for a number of the pieces that I think will nicely compliment our Maritime Rose pattern (Spode) that was my Grandmother's and the Wedgwood White that we also registered for as well. We received, the sugar bowl, creamer and the rectangular platter! I'm so excited to use it all, but best of all my wonderful sister sent this to us. She is so sweet and I cannot tell her enough how much I love it! I also received an amazing Lilly skirt in the mail, that I won on Ebay a few days before.
I plan on wearing it to my bridal shower in June! I also received some lovely handkerchiefs that I bid on too. They have my first initial embroidered on them and they are so perfectly lovely and feminine. Well I think I'm going to go paint! If anyone is interested in seeing some of my work you can view it at or on my Etsy shop at, Thank you again to everyone who is reading this! Sorry about my lack of images and the one I have is acing the wrong way! I'm still getting used to all of this!

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