Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Future Giveaway!

In hopes and anticipation of my 25th follower and 50th post, yikes :) I'm planning a giveaway... I'm going to giveaway one of my hand painted bracelets in my etsy shop! So head on over and start thinking about the design you would like to win! Also, if there is a color/design you don't see, let me know. I'll see if I have something, so I can put it into the pile of choices for the winner :) Just in time to add to your fall accessories wardrobe :)

Subbing, Silver and a Solo Night

Last week I had a wonderful visit with my family! It was wonderful that the four of us were able to spend a week together, since we may not all be back together until the holidays :(. Moving my sister back down to school went well too. Hubby was down there on businesses so he was able to help us :). He is extremely handy, strong, etc... while my father us ummm not. The two of us visited his parents on Saturday, went to lunch with them and then came home! Oh, it was wonderful to walk into our apartment. I love our families but it is nice to have our own downtime too! Today I had a check-up at the doctor and on my way home I ran into Goodwill. I found some very nice stuff. I picked up a silver pitcher (that I am using as a vase), a silver candy dish, and a tier serving piece for deserts. I paid under 10.00 for all three pieces, how wonderful! I just love the look of silver, it dresses up any room and it is so classic it never looks out of place. With regards to work I have decided to substitute teach! I was talking to Hubby's mom who does it and she really enjoys it and told me it was not too hard to get my license (just paperwork). So I ran over and picked up all of the forms today. I think this will be something great to do for the time being, since graduation I have wished I received my degree in teaching. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I really want to be a teacher. Though I loved my major, a LOT, I wish I had double majored or something of that sort. I'm still researching the thrift store shop though, I guess subbing will be a away to get some much needed income coming in :) Well, Hubby is on another business trip so I guess it is a movie night for moi! I think I'm in the mood for Mona Lisa Smiles, just love it...

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jeans with an Elastic Band?

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a cool, relaxing weekend so far! I just wanted she share with you all the amazing jeans I found today. Well, my sister actually found and bought them and I had to run and get them a forever today! At first I was shocked, they looked like granny/mom jeans...They have an elastic waist band, but fit soooo well and are so comfy! The best part, they were 19.80! Love love love them :) So if you have a forever 21 near you, I would recommended checking them out. They will be fabulous for the fall with boots, since they are so tight around the calf. While there I also picked up a plaid button down and a fluttery short sleeved sweater. Hubby was down at Purdue today, selling some of his furniture...Didn't go so well :( They got kicked off campus because somone at Purdue didn't do all of the paper work and turn everything in. Sometimes I wonder if people actually work/try their best in life. Ughh if you feel like slacking off don't do it at another's expense! Oh well, everything happens for a reason :)


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Friday, August 14, 2009

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

I have been unemployed for about two months now. The family I was sitting for had a summer sitter lined up before she met me. She briefly mentioned me coming back at the end of August to sit for her two boys again and since she works with Hubby she has asked him how my job search has been going. Well, in all honesty I don't know where to start?! I graduated a little over a year ago with a degree in Art History from a small liberal arts college. Though I love my school I feel like my degree left me in the lurch so to say? I have always been a very creative person and I don't think I could be in a profession that didn't utilize my creativity a bit. I just don't know where to begin. I have also thought about my own business briefly. Possible a small thrift type store in the downtown of our town. There are so many vacant shops there that it wouldn't be hard to rent out a space and maybe it would help with reviving it! I love older type things and would love to set my own hours etc... I just don't know! Well, on a different note Hubby's job is going well. He loves it but has been putting in 12 hour days very frequently... If anyone is interested in recyclable furniture (sounds weird but it is fabulous) check out FASconcepts.com Everything is fold-able and recyclable so if you want you can just pull it out of the closet when you need it. It is also great for kids rooms since they can actually draw on their desk etc... Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend! Happy Friday :)

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fall Favorites!

Here is a list of some things I'm looking forward to when the weather begins to change :)....

-Hot apple cider
-Boots (I have tooons of pairs and love them all) especially my uggs (I know, I know a bit dated but they are so comfy) and the new pair I ordered from Old Navy!
-Cuddling up under big throws, watching a good movie
-Halloween and decorating out home for fall!
-The anticipation of Christmas, my favorite time of the year :)
-The color of all of the leaves as they change
-The fresh cool feeling of the air as you walk outside in the morning
-Pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks
-Apple picking!
-Sweater dresses and tights
-Turtlenecks, another purchase from Old navy the other day...
-Cute jackets
-Homemade soup
-Hot chocolate

Hope you are just as excited for fall as I am!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Has anyone ever tried biosilk? I always see it at TJ's (for like half the price!) and think about trying it. Since I just got my hair cut I was thinking of trying out some new products :)

Macho Men

So, two weekends ago hubby and I bought the dresser that matches our bed and it was delivered last week. When hubby went to put on the feet, he noticed that there were no holes drilled! Of course, the next day I called and complained. The sales woman was very nice and said they would send out a replacement. Today, while walking our dog outside, the truck pulled up. I hurried inside to show them the "broken" dresser. They proceeded to tell me that nothing was wrong with the piece. The shipping block had to be removed (which the holes are under). They drilled off the block, put on the feet and voila, perfect dresser! I know this is a random post, it's just that hubby is extremely macho at times, claiming he can fix everything and anything. I think it is so funny how men act, their macho nature always wins out over common sense ;) Either way, I probably wouldn't have known to do that either (I didn't) and now we have a beautiful dresser that matches out cute bed!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Been a While...

A once again LONG over due post... Many things have come an gone since I last blogged! For one, I'm officially married :) Though it feels as though hubby and I have been married for many years, it is now official! Our wedding went very well except for some minor issues (the bow on the bottom tier of our cake broke off, my sister's initial up-do was less than becoming and our dj did not end up living up to our expectations). Besides that everything was beautiful and I wish I could do it all over again! Our honeymoon was just as amazing. We spent a couple of days in D.C. where we went from museum to museum (national gallery of art is FABULOUS)! We then made our way to the lovely town of Williamsburg, VA, a place I have always loved. Our room at the inn was super cozy and cute and the food was as always, amazing! We spent the week site seeing aroun the historic area, shopping and relazing. All in all we hade a wonderful time! Right now I'm playing housewife... something I could surely get used to! I have been decorating our apartment and getting everything in order. I have also been atempting to look for a job, in all honesty I have no idea what I would like to do?? I have been offered the chance to babysit for the two boys I was previously babysitting for once their summer sit goes back to teaching, but they were lets just say, a handful... On the bright side, it looks as if fall is just around the corner! I'm more than ready to put away my summer things, turn off the air and bust out my cute boots and warm cozy sweaters! I just love fall! The leaves, hot apple cider, sitting in front of the fire reading, it is all so perfect! As I was out and about, running errands today I stopped into Old Navy to see if there was anything worth while. Look what I found, a cute simple dress to wear with boots and a scarf in the coming month or so! I picked it up in this Navy color and it is sooo comftorable and at 15 a steal! I also took a look at their website and there is a pair of brown boots in carmel and some turtlenecks I may order this afternoon. Just a few basics to spruce up my fall wardrobe! I'll leave you all with a few wedding pictures! Have a fabulous day everyone!!!
The reception room and centerpieces, hydarngea and roses!
Getting ready and dress number 1.

Right after the ceremony:)
The cake, pre-break...

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