Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Macho Men

So, two weekends ago hubby and I bought the dresser that matches our bed and it was delivered last week. When hubby went to put on the feet, he noticed that there were no holes drilled! Of course, the next day I called and complained. The sales woman was very nice and said they would send out a replacement. Today, while walking our dog outside, the truck pulled up. I hurried inside to show them the "broken" dresser. They proceeded to tell me that nothing was wrong with the piece. The shipping block had to be removed (which the holes are under). They drilled off the block, put on the feet and voila, perfect dresser! I know this is a random post, it's just that hubby is extremely macho at times, claiming he can fix everything and anything. I think it is so funny how men act, their macho nature always wins out over common sense ;) Either way, I probably wouldn't have known to do that either (I didn't) and now we have a beautiful dresser that matches out cute bed!

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