Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jeans with an Elastic Band?

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a cool, relaxing weekend so far! I just wanted she share with you all the amazing jeans I found today. Well, my sister actually found and bought them and I had to run and get them a forever today! At first I was shocked, they looked like granny/mom jeans...They have an elastic waist band, but fit soooo well and are so comfy! The best part, they were 19.80! Love love love them :) So if you have a forever 21 near you, I would recommended checking them out. They will be fabulous for the fall with boots, since they are so tight around the calf. While there I also picked up a plaid button down and a fluttery short sleeved sweater. Hubby was down at Purdue today, selling some of his furniture...Didn't go so well :( They got kicked off campus because somone at Purdue didn't do all of the paper work and turn everything in. Sometimes I wonder if people actually work/try their best in life. Ughh if you feel like slacking off don't do it at another's expense! Oh well, everything happens for a reason :)


Pink Peonies & Pearls

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  1. I will have to check out the jeans...I am a sucker for comfort! Bummer about the furniture...but, I like your out-look..about everything happening for a reason! Hope you have a great weekend! = )