Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bracelet Order, Yipee!

YES! I just received an 8 bracelet order!!! I'm going to customize bracelets for the future hubby's boses's fiance's bridesmaids and mothers (that was hard to say) to wear at their wedding. I'm super pumped and as I don't have a job right now this is much needed income! Off to mix paints and find the exact shade of green to match the invite! Good night all, sweet dreams!


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Lilly Swimsuits...

I keep forgetting things! Does anyone know how Lilly P. swimsuits fit? I'm almost a 2 straight across the board with her clothes. I don' know if her suits run big or small and if sizes of dresses/capris usually correlate to swimwear? Thanks everyone :) Wow, the third post for the day!


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Bridesmaid Gifts?

I purchased the gifts for my bridesmaids a few months ago. I'm not sure if I should add in a few more goodies? As of right now each of their bags contains: A pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings (that they will also be wearing to the wedding), a crystal ring holder and Holly Golightly (from Breakfast at Tiffany's) style ear plugs and eye mask. I also purchased these for myself and think they are absolutely adorable! I also purchased a travel jewelry box for my maid of honor (who is my sister) and some very cute little note cards. I may also put the monogram ring in the jewelry box instead of giving it to her for her birthday, I think it could be a cute touch. Of course I'm going to include I card for each girl as well. Do these gifts seem substantial enough and befitting for bridesmaids? I'm not sure because I have never been a bridesmaid and have never been married before :)
Here is the eye mask...
And the earplugs


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Gifts & Invitations

Yesterday we received another wedding gift ! It is so wonderful when the UPS truck pulls up in front of the house! I feel like a little child at Christmas! I can't really believe we have been getting all of these gifts, since we haven't even sent out the invitations yet. But, that is what I'm going to do today, pick up our envelopes and begin to put everything together! We are not sending them out for a few more weeks but I want to get a head start on everything so this does not become a daunting task. Instead it will be fun, I'll put on some old 40's music (I know I'm kind of dorky) and make some tea!
Here is a sample of our Invitations! Our colors are pink & mint green with gold and black accents. Since I'm trying to keep eveything low-key, there is not too much that we are adding to the reception site that will be following our color scheme. Simply flowers, cocktail napkins, table numbers and table assigment cards. The bridesmaids are wearing black dresses and gold shoes!

On top of all that I am in the process of cleaning out my closet ughh. I have to admit, I am somewhat of a pack rat. I seem to get emotionally attached to things especially clothes. I think to myself oh I wore this to that or so and so gave this to me. You get the picture. I'm very proud of myself because thus far, I have packed up 4 bags of things to give away (I may even try to bring some things to Plato's Closet)!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Just Plain Lovely!

I am absolutely in love with Anne Harwell's work! I was looking at another blogger's reference to her (I'm sorry I can't remember who) and I wanted to see it all for myself. Her work is absolutely stunning! I can't decide if I like her chair or room prints more! I showed some of her stuff to the future hubby last night and he seemed less than enthused. I think he thought it was too feminine. I may still order a few because, hey, who is decorating out home anways? Me :) Besdies that, if I were to order some and eventually hang them, he wouldn't notice them for weeks on end anyways... Here is a link to her Etsy shop, enjoy!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Purchasing Gifts!

I just ordered one of my sister's birthday gifts! Lauren Nicole Gifts has some adorable stuff on sale and she is also offering 15% off to fellow bloggers! All you have to do is enter blogger into the promo box at checkout! I also have to say that her shipping prices are exceptionally reasonable. She also e-mailed me back very promptly when I asked her a question about an item. Overall, my experience with her site has been wonderful and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for cute gifts or even maybe something for themselves ;) Here is a picture of the monogrammed ring that I purchsed for my sister's 21st birthday in May! I may or may not have purchased one for myself with my soon-to-be married monogram :)

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Pink & Picnics

Jane "In the waiting line" is having an amazing giveaway! Isn't this pink & green tweed picnic wine set too cute?! So head over there and enter to win this. Wouldn't this make a picnic on a wonderfully warm and sunny day even better :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Target Dresses?

Has anyone seen these dresses at Target?! Are they as adorable in person as they look online? Also, if anyone has seen or tried in one of these dresses do they fit true to size? I'm debating between a xs and s! What I have read says they may be a bit short.

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My Shoes Have Arrived

The shoes arrived! My Jack Rogers arrived yesterday and I'm positively in love! A fellow blogger Lake Nokomis (Che Belle Cose) wanted to know what I thought, to let you know they are amazing! They are super comfy and fit very true to size. To me, they seem to be a bit narrow but that could also simply be my opinion. I think that any color you choose will look lovely and become a true staple in your shoe collection! All I know is that this will be the first of many Jack Rogers for me! I'm sorryI did not purchase them sooner :( At least I will have them for this Spring/Summer :) Don't forget about Shoes.com, MSAVE (and ebates) can save you 20% on your Jack Rogers purchase, which is wonderful! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend thus far!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thank You!

I would also like to thank Preppy Pink Crocodile for the gifts that I received in the mail today! Not only did she send me my adorable ice cream cozy but she included some other cute goodies as well. What an amazingly sweet person you are! I may just have to run to Starbucks so I can use my coffee cozy and the grocery store to buy a pint of Ben Jerry's today ;) Thank you again! Here are some pictures of the package!
Before I opened it! How cute is the ribbon!

Look at all of the adorable things Preppy Pink Crocodile sent to me!

I Won!

I would just like to say thank you Nautical by Nature! I was the winner of her amazing giveaway! I'm super excited to receive my Lilly Pulitzer fabric luggage tag in the mail! I will be putting it onto my Vera Bradley duffel in the Emily pattern right away:)

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Great Purchase!

I ordered the bone & white Jack Rogers a couple of days ago and I couldn't be more excited! I think they will be the perfect, "go with everything" kind of shoes! Since they are flats my fiance can't complain about me hobbling around in heals when we go out! What makes this purchase even more amazing is the I ordered them from shoes.com. Because Shoes.com is affiliated with Ebates I was able to save 8%. On top of that they are offering a coupon right now MSAVE which allows you to take 20% off your total purchase, wow (also free shipping and return shipping). All in all I saved a bit of money by simply going to Shoes.com. I recently just discovered ebates. What is amazzzzing is that they give you money for signing up and when your friends sign up! So, if anyone is interested in saving a bit of money, just click this link Ebates and both you and I will earn 5 dollars, how wonderful! They will either send out a check or credit your paypal account four times a year. Enough about that... So, yesterday I finally got around to taking our wedding invitation envelopes to the printer. I decided on the classic font, elegance in black ink! It looks as thought all of this wedding stuff is beginning to wrap up. All I have to do now is pick them up on Tuesday and then begin to grueling process of wax sealing all of the envelopes with the Letter K (since both out names begin with that letter)! Oh, and then the seating chart and table/place cards once we find out who will be attending!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Giveaway

Lauren Nicole Gifts is giving away a Lilly Pulitzer tote. It the Puddle Jumper in the Loopy Lilly pattern and it is absolutely fabulous! Be sure to check out her blog and hop as well. She has some adorable stuff!


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Shoe Help!

So, quick question! I'm about to order a pair of Jack Rogers sandals and I was wondering, those of you who have a pair or two, do they fit true to size? Also, if you were to get a pair would you go with silver, gold, platinum or the white and bone color? I can't seem to decide! I do want a pair that is very versatile. If anyone can lend a helping hand I would greatly appreciate it!


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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Almost Forgot

Oh! I almost forgot! I also won these adorable Lilly capris last week for $4.99 with shipping $9.99! I'm starting to gather up cute little summer clothes for our honeymoon in June/July. Since it is our honeymoon and all I really want to have some new stuff to wear, to make it a bit more special! Here they are...

The Cake & Dress(es)

Sorry I have been M.I.A.! I have had a lot to do since we returned from Chicago! While there my fiance and I met with our DJ and photographer, who were both so nice! It was the first time meeting them since my mom has been planning a lot for me up there. We also had out cake tasting, which was beyond amazing. We were able to try everything from lavender cake with lemon butter cream frosting to Chocolate cake with peanut butter butter cream frosting! In the end we chose three different flavors, one for each tier of the cake. The first tier will be yellow cake with a strawberry preserve filling, the second will be lemon cake with a white chocolate butter cream and the third will be carrot cake with an orange butter cream! Here is a picture of the design we chose! The only thing that will be a bit difference is that instead of ivory the frosting will be a mint green (one of our colors). My mom is dropping off one of out cocktail napkins as a reference. It will also be three tiers instead of four!
I just love the bows! It was basically an instantaneous decision and I'm surprised the fiance didn't think it was too girly :) Also, a few weeks ago I ordered a cake-topper along with the cocktail napkins. It is a script H simple, classic and nothing over the top! While at my parents I also picked up one of my dresses from the seamstress... Which I had to take back to her since she had made it a bit tight. It was not too big of a deal since the dress (which was my mother's wedding dress) is pretty simple. We actually had the straps cut off, making it strapless. We also had Sylvia (our ammmmaaazing seemtstress) gather it a bit at the bust making it more of a sweetheart kind of neckline. Besides making it a little too tight, it looked amazing! I'm so excited to wear it and I know my mom is too. I think this dress will be great for the reception! It is comftorable and a bit more "party like" than the dress I will be wearing for the ceremony (which is actually from target)!!! I know I know, many of you are thinking Target? For her wedding dress? Actually it is very lovely, fits me perfectly (right out of the box) and for a dress that I will be wearing for a couple of hours then boxing up it is perfect! Here it is...
I must say it fits me better than the model. It is not at all bagggy as it looks here and the back comes to a deep V. I think the back will look lovely during the ceremony and great for pictures! I also picked out the two pairs of shoes I will be wearing! I originally had an amazing pair of Manolos that I purchased on sale, but they ended up being a little too high for the lace dress and way too high for my mother's. I decided on a pair of ivory satin open-toe heels with satin roses (on the toe) for the ceremony and very simple gold and rinestone flip flops for the reception. I figure no one will really see those shoes and flip flops will allow me to be comftorable and able to dance. Overall, we were able to accomplish a ton this weekend. Now I'm off to run errands and finish cleaning our house!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wedding Gifts & Such

I would first like to say thank you (once again) to Preppy Pink Crocodile! I was one of the winners of her fabulous giveaway! I will be sure to post a picture of my lovely ice cream cozy when it arrives in the mail! Since I didn't post pictures of the lovely wedding gift I received this week I decided to do so tonight! I'm also going to show all of you the first two gifts we have received as well!
Here is the Tiffany and Co. weave creamer & Sugar Bowl

The rectangular platter that matches

Here is our second gift! The adorable Paula Deen dishes! I love the polka-dots & the mix of yellow and green!
Here is out VERY first wedding gift! I screamed when I saw that it had been "fulfilled" on our registry. I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid and now I have a pink one, that matches my pink & green kitchen!

To discuss something other then wedding gifts...:) Today, I ran to target and picked up some pretty green tissue paper for the bridesmaids gift bags and some baby blue toile wrapping paper for one of their gifts that I want to wrap (to add a little bit of color)! I also did a few loads of laundry since my fiance and I are heading to Chicago this weekend for more wedding planning (our wedding is being held in the suburbs of Chicago though we live in Ohio, because that is where I'm originally from). We will be meeting with our photographer and D.J. Saturday morning and will also have our cake tasting that afternoon! Another reason we are heading out of town for the weekend is for my future sister-in-law's baby shower! I'm so excited to attend since I have never been to one before! I have had her gift ready to go since we found out she and her husband are expecting a boy! I purchased for her an adorable baby blue polka-dot cloth basket and inside it I aranged:
Two pairs of little white baby socks, a Burt's Bees gift basket (their products or wonderful), some blue and green washcloths, a dinosaur puppet washcloth, matching dinosaur booties and a rubber ducky that tells you if the water is too hot! I hope she likes it because I think it is all adorable! Since this will be a very busy weekend and will most likely not be blogging. I will fill all of you in on it all very soon!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh how I love Tiffany & Co.

Hello again! I have to admit, I have not posted in a number of days because I became a bit discouraged. After taking a peek today, I have two followers! So thank you Preppy Pink Crocodile for reading my blog. It has been an exciting week thus far! My fiance and I received our third wedding gift! I was beyond excited when I received a package with the blue box inside! You all know what the means, Tiffany's... I'm in love with the white weave pattern they have there. We registered for a number of the pieces that I think will nicely compliment our Maritime Rose pattern (Spode) that was my Grandmother's and the Wedgwood White that we also registered for as well. We received, the sugar bowl, creamer and the rectangular platter! I'm so excited to use it all, but best of all my wonderful sister sent this to us. She is so sweet and I cannot tell her enough how much I love it! I also received an amazing Lilly skirt in the mail, that I won on Ebay a few days before.
I plan on wearing it to my bridal shower in June! I also received some lovely handkerchiefs that I bid on too. They have my first initial embroidered on them and they are so perfectly lovely and feminine. Well I think I'm going to go paint! If anyone is interested in seeing some of my work you can view it at StellaBellas.com or on my Etsy shop at, http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5452968 Thank you again to everyone who is reading this! Sorry about my lack of images and the one I have is acing the wrong way! I'm still getting used to all of this!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My first post!

So, after stumbling upon some pretty amazing blogs I have finally caved in! After putting a lot of thought into it, I have decided to become a blogger myself. I'm not really sure what to do exactly, but I would like to give this a try! Let me begin by saying I'm a twenty something who loves all things pink and pretty! I'm currently planning my June wedding and admittedly, a shopaholic! I avidly check ebay (several times a day) for wonderful finds! I also like to think of myself as quit a bargain shopper too. Sadly, I was recently laid off from a job that I rather enjoyed. Since then, I have been able to catch up on some other things that I have really come to enjoy such as cooking, decorating my house and as annoying and sad as this sounds...cleaning. Well, I'll keep this first entry short, because like I said I'm very new to all of this! Thank for reading!

xoxo, Pink Peonies & Pearls