Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lilly Swimsuits...

I keep forgetting things! Does anyone know how Lilly P. swimsuits fit? I'm almost a 2 straight across the board with her clothes. I don' know if her suits run big or small and if sizes of dresses/capris usually correlate to swimwear? Thanks everyone :) Wow, the third post for the day!


Pink Peonies & Pearls

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  1. I would advise NOT to order a Lilly swimsuit unless you have tried on in a store first. Although I think that Lilly is consistent in sizing with most of their other clothing pieces--the swimsuits never fit me correctly! I am a size 2 also. I tried on the cute ruffled bandeau bikini this season and the bottoms were CRAZY low cut and the fit was off--too big. Boo-hoo! :(