Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Cake & Dress(es)

Sorry I have been M.I.A.! I have had a lot to do since we returned from Chicago! While there my fiance and I met with our DJ and photographer, who were both so nice! It was the first time meeting them since my mom has been planning a lot for me up there. We also had out cake tasting, which was beyond amazing. We were able to try everything from lavender cake with lemon butter cream frosting to Chocolate cake with peanut butter butter cream frosting! In the end we chose three different flavors, one for each tier of the cake. The first tier will be yellow cake with a strawberry preserve filling, the second will be lemon cake with a white chocolate butter cream and the third will be carrot cake with an orange butter cream! Here is a picture of the design we chose! The only thing that will be a bit difference is that instead of ivory the frosting will be a mint green (one of our colors). My mom is dropping off one of out cocktail napkins as a reference. It will also be three tiers instead of four!
I just love the bows! It was basically an instantaneous decision and I'm surprised the fiance didn't think it was too girly :) Also, a few weeks ago I ordered a cake-topper along with the cocktail napkins. It is a script H simple, classic and nothing over the top! While at my parents I also picked up one of my dresses from the seamstress... Which I had to take back to her since she had made it a bit tight. It was not too big of a deal since the dress (which was my mother's wedding dress) is pretty simple. We actually had the straps cut off, making it strapless. We also had Sylvia (our ammmmaaazing seemtstress) gather it a bit at the bust making it more of a sweetheart kind of neckline. Besides making it a little too tight, it looked amazing! I'm so excited to wear it and I know my mom is too. I think this dress will be great for the reception! It is comftorable and a bit more "party like" than the dress I will be wearing for the ceremony (which is actually from target)!!! I know I know, many of you are thinking Target? For her wedding dress? Actually it is very lovely, fits me perfectly (right out of the box) and for a dress that I will be wearing for a couple of hours then boxing up it is perfect! Here it is...
I must say it fits me better than the model. It is not at all bagggy as it looks here and the back comes to a deep V. I think the back will look lovely during the ceremony and great for pictures! I also picked out the two pairs of shoes I will be wearing! I originally had an amazing pair of Manolos that I purchased on sale, but they ended up being a little too high for the lace dress and way too high for my mother's. I decided on a pair of ivory satin open-toe heels with satin roses (on the toe) for the ceremony and very simple gold and rinestone flip flops for the reception. I figure no one will really see those shoes and flip flops will allow me to be comftorable and able to dance. Overall, we were able to accomplish a ton this weekend. Now I'm off to run errands and finish cleaning our house!

Pink Peonies & Pearls

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  1. I adore that cake!!! So pretty!
    I can only imagine how lovely you will look in your dresses!