Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Been a While...

A once again LONG over due post... Many things have come an gone since I last blogged! For one, I'm officially married :) Though it feels as though hubby and I have been married for many years, it is now official! Our wedding went very well except for some minor issues (the bow on the bottom tier of our cake broke off, my sister's initial up-do was less than becoming and our dj did not end up living up to our expectations). Besides that everything was beautiful and I wish I could do it all over again! Our honeymoon was just as amazing. We spent a couple of days in D.C. where we went from museum to museum (national gallery of art is FABULOUS)! We then made our way to the lovely town of Williamsburg, VA, a place I have always loved. Our room at the inn was super cozy and cute and the food was as always, amazing! We spent the week site seeing aroun the historic area, shopping and relazing. All in all we hade a wonderful time! Right now I'm playing housewife... something I could surely get used to! I have been decorating our apartment and getting everything in order. I have also been atempting to look for a job, in all honesty I have no idea what I would like to do?? I have been offered the chance to babysit for the two boys I was previously babysitting for once their summer sit goes back to teaching, but they were lets just say, a handful... On the bright side, it looks as if fall is just around the corner! I'm more than ready to put away my summer things, turn off the air and bust out my cute boots and warm cozy sweaters! I just love fall! The leaves, hot apple cider, sitting in front of the fire reading, it is all so perfect! As I was out and about, running errands today I stopped into Old Navy to see if there was anything worth while. Look what I found, a cute simple dress to wear with boots and a scarf in the coming month or so! I picked it up in this Navy color and it is sooo comftorable and at 15 a steal! I also took a look at their website and there is a pair of brown boots in carmel and some turtlenecks I may order this afternoon. Just a few basics to spruce up my fall wardrobe! I'll leave you all with a few wedding pictures! Have a fabulous day everyone!!!
The reception room and centerpieces, hydarngea and roses!
Getting ready and dress number 1.

Right after the ceremony:)
The cake, pre-break...

Pink Peonies & Pearls

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