Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just Another Day

After selling a few things at Plato's closet today, I ran over to T.J. Max! They did not have a ton of Lilly not any J. crew shoes (as I have been hearing about). I did pick up a simple Lilly white polo halter, which I think will look cute with jeans and some of my Lilly skirts! I did see a ton of vineyard vines pieces! They had all sorts of shorts and capris (nothing in my size sadly). They also had a lot of polos. I don't own any of their polos, I was wondering, do they fit like Ralph Lauren's do? Also, do they keep their color and all of that good stuff? After running to T.J's I stopped at Red Lobster and got the future hubby some biscuits (he loves them)! I know they are not the best for him but I figured that dropping them off at his office would be a special treat, especially since he has been so stressed with the new job and move! He loved them of course and I returned home to more packing... We also got a quote from a moving company today, this is all really happening. I don't really think it will all be completely real to me until I see this house empty, then it will FULLY sink in. Another good thing that has come out of the move is that we are going to me parents for Easter (since we will be close looking at houses)!!!

Pink Peonies & Pearls

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  1. I have found that Vineyard Vines polos fit like the Ralph Lauren classic fit and not the skinny fit. I have a short sleeve and a long sleeve Vineyard Vines polo and I actually like both of them better than the Ralph Lauren ones I have! Mine have also kept their color.