Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kate Spade, Hello DOLLY!

An early birthday gift is on it's way to my home right now! I have been wanting a tiny crossbody purse for a while now. Not only are they very cute but oh so practical! I think it would be a great purse to have while traveling or simply out for the day shopping. Though I love the room my larger totes give me, they are rather cumbersome and at times heavy! It would be nice throw a simple little purse on and go! Even though my birthday is in February, Hubby told me to order this little beauty for myself last night! I only hope he lets me use it when it gets here and doesn't have me wait a month to get it :) If you hop on over to Kate Spade, they are offering 25% of all sale items until the 17th (plus free shipping). I also have my eye on the lovely Esther this may or not eventually be delivered to my home as well ;)


Pink Peonies & Pearls

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