Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Closet Looks Lovely

I LOVE huggable hangers! They are amazing! I decided to go with the black (after a long debate between that and the ivory/cream color). I figured it was super neutral, classic and looks good with about anything in my closet! I purchased some of these hangers at Target and some others at The Container Store, which is fabulous! The benfit of getting some there is that you can find tons of coupon codes online and if you have a Discover card you get 5% back if you go through their site while shopping online. So all in all I received 20% back and another 5% on top of that. I also decided to pick-up my order at the store which saved me shipping costs :) Now my closet looks lovely! I still need to get a few more, but I will do that gradually since this has definitely been an investment rather than a small 20 dollar purchase. I figure I will have these for years to come and since clothes themselves are sooo expensive why not treat them well. I hope all of you try out these hangers, they have double my closet space and made it look amazing! I also picked up some of the clear shoe boxes from The Container Store too. Again, AMAZING I can see the shoes without having to get them down from my closet shelf, plus it makes everything looks so "professional. The best part is they are only around 1.50 apiece! So far it has been a productive weekend!

Pink Peonies & Pearls

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