Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bridal shower outfit...

Hello again! I know my last post was very short, so let me fill you in on a couple of things... I can't remember if I told you all that I finally have a job! I'm nannying for two little boys, mon-fri. It is very tiring considering that I work from 7:15am-7:15pm some nights! The only other draw back is that as of June 12th, I will no longer have a job until the fall. That is if I decide to continue with this. I love being with kids all day its just that my commute her every morning is about 35 minutes. Since I have to be here by 7:15 (and sometimes earlier), it makes for a verrry long day! Other than that, my bridal shower is this Saturday (I know I mentioned this before) and I'm super excited! A lot of my friends from school will be attending and I haven't seen most of them since graduation :( I'm leaving right after work on Thursday to head up to my parent's house! Friday, I will be taking my car to get a routine little check up, finalizing the flowers with my mom and do a little shopping with my sister! Hopefully I can buy some more cute dresses for our honeymoon that is quickly approaching :) Then next Friday, the future hubby and I are driving back up to my parents so we can get our marriage liscense! While I'm still discussing wedding type things, I want to run my bridal shower outfit by all of you! Here it goes...Lilly pulitzer skirt, it is the first one I won on Ebay a couple months ago (very pastely), a white t-shirt type shirt with poufy sleaves (very feminine touch I think), pearls and white heals. I think this will be appropriate, plus it's comfy! I'm also trying to get soem books together for the honeymoon. We will be in the car a lot and hopefully by the pool as well! If anyone has any recomendations of some fabulous reads I would looove to hear them! Here is one of my all time favorite books... The NOTEBOOK! (it wouldn't let me put it below this sentance, sorry)!
Pink Peonies & Pearls


  1. Take a picture of your outfit, it sounds adorable!

  2. For my honeymoon, I definitely did not pack lightly :) I didn't have to be practical for that trip, since I knew there wasn't much walking involved (and therefore I could bring heels and flip flops, things that look pretty). For Europe I have to think practical, comfy, and layers. Plus I want to leave room for shopping :)