Friday, November 12, 2010

Tiffany and Co. ooohhh lala!

I'm a big fan of the little blue box as many girls are... I'm especially a fan when the little red ribbon adorns the little blue box at Christmas time! Ugh, so lovely! What I'm most excited about this season at Tiffanys is the additions to their holiday selection of charms! Now among the blue and striped candy cane, Tiffany gift box, and snowman there are mittens, mints and even gingerbread-men! You all have to take a look because this stuff is too cute! How nice would it be to receive one if these under the tree this year! I also love their open clasp charm bracelet because you can change your charms around at anytime. It is especially nice this time of year because your regular charm bracelet can become one just for Christmas!
Sadly, the adorable gingerbread man is not on their website yet, hopefully soon! Tiffany's has also added many other amazing charms to their collection on-top of their Holiday ones, take a peek :)

Pink Peonies & Pearls

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scarf Swap Anyone?

I was thinking of hosting a scarf/pashmina swap if anyone is interested? It is the perfect time to exchange something warm and cozy! Let me know if you are interested (I want to see if there are enough people first) then we will go from there! Just leave a comment and I will give everyone the details, thanks!

Pink Peonies and Pearls


Hello all! Can you believe that is it 44 days until Christmas (via the countdown on ebay)?!? Wow, has time flown, wasn't it just Summer? Last night in preparation for the quickly approaching holiday I ventured out to Hobby Lobby. I had so much fun and since Hubby had a dinner for work I was all by myself roaming isle after isle of Christmas fun! The real reason for this trip was to pick out a color scheme and ornaments for our second tree. Since we now live in a house and have much more space than ever before (and lots of pleading to Hubby) we will now have a tree in our den (fake) and a tree in out living room which we are going to trek out and cut down ourselves at a tree farm! Though Hubby was at first very opposed to this idea, too much time and too messy he said, I won out and were are going to go the first weekend in December! This left me with the dilemma of decorating two trees! Since our first is a hodge-podge of ornaments that we have slowly collected (some are from when we were kids) I didn't know what to do. After wandering around for about a half an hour I decided on greens and browns with gold as an accent. I figured this color scheme would fit our very traditional jewel-tone home. I also picked up some cute little Christmas cupcake wrappers and some other crafty things as well! I think we may go back this weekend because A. Hubby wants to go to Menard's which is right next door and B. because I want to go back and wander through the Christmas wonderland once more and pick up some garland and a tree topper! I'm wondering, what do you all put on top of your tree(s)? Growing up we put a tiny Santa hat and now on our one tree we have a tiny decorative mitten. I want to do something original on the second too? Or maybe just a star, I'm so indecisive! Also, if any of you have made your own what did you make and how, I'm very curious?!? Thanks!
I'm hoping it will look something like this! But with green ornaments mixed in with the gold and brown! I also bought green ribbon with a gold pattern on it instead of the gold ribbon seen here :)

Pink Peonies & Pearls