Sunday, October 4, 2009

Uggs, Scarves and Snuggies Too!

So hubby and I are currently driving back from our Alma Mater! We were down there this weekend visiting campus and my little sister :) We had bunches of fun, wishing we were both students again...Oh well! On Friday my sister headed out for a day of shopping fun! We both picked up a cute fleeces at Dick's and some amazinggg stuff on sale at Old Navy! All of their clearance items were 50% off! So we each got a pair of ruffled yoga pants, a t-shirt dress (the one I also have in navy), and some yoga capris!
After hitting the mall we headed over to target and out to lunch. If you all haven't been to Target in a while check it out! They have some of the cutest slippers, Ugg like boots and all sorts of comfy stuff :) If I didn't already own like 4 pairs...I would have definitely picked some up! It was a great weekend with wonderful fall weather! I was able to break out a cashmere scarf, uggs and my snuggie too! Oh how I love when it gets cold out! We have a couple of hours left in the car, but when we get home I'm going to put out a few more fall decorations I purchased this weekend and head to the grocery store since our fridge is completely empty... Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Pink Peonies & Pearls